Architectural Control Committee

The Miramonte Hills Architectural Control Committee - ACC

The Miramonte Hills Architectural Control Committee - ACC reviews requests and violations in light of the Covenants and Design Standards and works with homeowners to protect the value of our neighborhood.

The Real Estate Agent who handled the purchase of your home should have provided every homeowner with a copy of the Richmond Place Covenants. If not or you misplaced it, you download the most recent version from the links listed below. It is imperative that these protocols are followed to protect the property integrity and value of our homes.

The Committee needs your cooperation. Please provide details on any home improvement projects for review and approval within 30 days prior to start of the project. This includes decks, garages, sheds, roofing, painting, fencing, landscaping, etc. All requests must include the ARC Form. You can download this form from the links listed below, complete the form and mail it to: Miramonte HOA, INc. PO Box 1146 Loganville, GA 30052.. The committee's approval does not remove the homeowner's responsibility to meet Gwinett County ordinances, regulations, or restrictions and obtaining necessary permits. 

The Committee is made up of volunteer members. When we point out violations it is sometimes because someone sent a complaint about a homeowner violating the Covenant. Any resident who sees an apparent violation of the design and appearance standards and becomes concerned about it, has the right to contact any member of the ACC and file a written complaint for the ACC to investigate it. All such complaints will be investigated by the ACC. You can submit an anonymous complaint and the information will be kept confidential. Investigation does not necessarily imply a violation notice will be sent.


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Architectural Control Committee Forms:
Review Application Form - Click Here 
Complaint Form - online form Click Here  
Covenants - Click Here 
By-laws - Click Here 
Complete and Mail Applicable Committee Forms to:
Miramonte HOA, Inc. | PO Box 1146 | Loganville, GA 30052


Home Improvements
The ACC considers each approval request as soon as they are received, however you should note that the ACC has thirty-days to provide you with a decision (which can be approved, rejected or may seek additional information). In most cases, it takes less than fourteen days to respond. No work should be scheduled to commence within that time frame in the event of a delay.
The ACC presumes that quality workmanship will be used to complete work as specified, will be aesthetically acceptable and will meet the covenant and county guidelines. Should there be a question of workmanship, the applicant is responsible for necessary corrections. The ACC and Board shall be the final arbiter of workmanship.
Covenant Violations 
The job of the ACC is not only to approve architectural work done on your property, but also to enforce the rules of our covenants. The ACC works for all of us to ensure a beautiful subdivision and high property values. We ask that you comply within the 10 days given or we'll have to contact our attorney which will cost everyone additional dollars. Attorneys are expensive and if you're not in compliance in 10 days our attorney is contacted to pursue the issue. If you have any complaints please print and fill out the form above and mail it to Miramonte HOA, Inc. | PO Box 1146 Loganville, GA 30052.
Dog Walking
If you walk your dog in the neighborhood please clean up after it. Everyone will appreciate your pet more if you clean up any waste on private or common grounds. A dog owner is in violation of the Covenants and law if an owner fails to properly control or allows a dog to run free.
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